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Learn how to install Wedding Presets in Lightroom

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Installing the Lightroom Presets

After downloading the presets file you will have to extract and unzip it, you can use WINRAR or any other similar software for this. Once extracted you'll find a single folder called "WeddingPresets-Collection" inside you'll find the following folders:
  • Develop Presets - This is the folder containing 12 Modules of the collection, each modules has its own folder with the presets inside.
  • Local Adjustment Presets - This folder contains the "Brushes" modules, inside you'll find all the preset files.
  • Documentation - Inside you'll find the Installation Guide, Getting Started Guide and Terms of Service.


Open Lightroom's preset folder

Installing Lightroom presets is an easy process. All you have to do is copy the new presets into Lightroom’s Preset folder.
  • 1.- Open Lightroom.
  • 2.- Go to Edit > Preferences.
  • 3.- Click the “Presets” tab.
  • 4.- Click “Show Lightroom Presets Folder”
  • 5.- After that, you should see you’re a window displaying the Lightroom presets folder on your computer. Double click it.


Move presets to the correct folder

Once the Lightroom’s Presets folder is open you’ll have to move your new presets inside.
  • 1.- On a different window locate your Wedding Presets - Collection folder.
  • 2.- Open and copy or move all the folders inside “Develop Presets” to the one with the same name in the Lightroom’s Presets folder.
  • 3.- Repeat step 2 for “Local Adjustment Presets”, but this time make sure the files you move go straight to the "Local Adjustment Presets" folder.
Important: Remember that “Develop Presets” go inside the folder with the same name, same thing for “Local AdjustmentPresets”.


Restart Lightroom to use the presets

In order to see and use the new presets you just installed you’ll have to restart Lightroom.
  • 1.- Close Lightroom.
  • 2.- Close the Lightroom Presets folder.
  • 3.- Open Lightroom again.
  • 4.- You should be able to see your new presets on the left side panel of your screen under “Presets”.


Backup your presets collection and save them for later use

It is highly recommended that before installing new presets in Lightroom you backup your existing one to prevent any loss. If you haven’t installed any presets then no need to worry.
  • 1.- Perform the step 1.
  • 2.- Copy these two folders:
    • - “Develop Presets”
    • - “Local AdjustmentPresets”
  • 3.- Paste them into a safe place in your hard drive.
That way if something goes wrong you can always restore a previous copy of your presets.

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